2022 is a special year for Algamus Gambling Treatment Center - it’s our 30th anniversary year!

This anniversary is not only a moment to reflect on and celebrate our past, but also a chance to look to the future. After three decades of treating gambling disorders, we are more knowledgeable, more passionate and more equipped than ever to fight problem gambling.

In This Free eBook, You'll Learn:

  • How to stay on track and maintain sobriety
  • Overcoming recovery roadblocks
  • New challenges in problem gambling
  • Advice for the next generation
  • The value of a support network

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“I didn't take ownership of having a problem until I went to my first Algamus meeting. When each person went around the room and described what their game of choice was and how they processed it emotionally and mentally, it was like they stole those feelings out of my soul and out of my mouth.”

Craig Carton, Algamus Client

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